Q: Is TPN lifelong?

A: Not necessarily. Each case is individual and it will depend on the specific medical condition. It may also change over time.

Q: Can we go on holiday with our child on TPN?

A: Yes but you must do certain things first. You must get clearance from the hospital. You need to contact your TPN supplier who will set you up with a holiday package which will involve contacting medical professionals in your holiday destination and official letters explaining what you are travelling with and what the local hospital has to do in event of emergency. It is advisable to always travel with extra supplies including a feeding pump.

Q: Can I go swimming if I have a Hickman line?

A: Yes. You will need a Hickman Line Dry suit which can be accessed through a charity called freddysmile – Parkland Business Centre, Lancing Business Park, Chartwell Road, Lancing BN15 8UE. 01903 766674