10th Oct 2014 | News

It’s the little things…

Here’s a small way in which the funds raised from our launch party are already helping make the parental attendance in hospital easier to bear.

Note from Gutsy Gastros Committee to Mercury Ward, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital: –

Fiona Pollard (our Chair Person) and I have just left a toaster and microwave in your office for approval for the Parent’s Room on Mercury Ward. Jane Bell

And the fantastic reply we had:

I saw these this morning and positively jumped for joy!!!!!

I have been trying to order them through my normal channels but it’s like pulling hair!

I am so appreciative. The microwave I will put in the Parents Room. I have to store the toaster in the Kitchen, but even in the Kitchen we still ensure toast is available to all patients and parents.

Thank you so much!!

Simone Hunt

Mercury Ward Manager

Mercury Ward

Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Fdn Trust