Money Out
What we plan to support or buy

We are working very closely with the medical staff at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to make sure we buy appropriate and useful equipment and toys.

These include:

  • Specialist trolleys for the ward. The medical professionals are finalising the specifications for two trolleys to be used for training parents on how to look after their own children on TPN and get them ready for taking home
  • More toys for the baby and toddlers playroom. We are in discussions with the play leaders to make sure we buy exactly what they need
  • More games and gaming technology for the teens common room. We have had plenty of input from the teens!
  • A donation to the C&W hospital school which is vital to keeping the children and teens vaguely on track with their school work while they are in hospital for extended periods
  • A water fountain for the Mercury ward, which is where the younger Gastro children are looked after
  • Contributions towards buying discount cards for Gastro parents to use in the local eateries and coffee shops
  • Lockers for the parents’ rooms so parents can keep their own belongings safe