The Trustees


Jane Bell

Jane and Michael Bell and their three gutsy Bells live in Clapham. All three children attend mainstream school which is in itself a miracle. Lilly will be leaving for University in Autumn 2015 which they are very proud about.


Jane Garaway

Jane is married with two children and works as a freelance Interior Design Architect. She got to know the Bell family as her children were at the same Primary School and she first met Jane Bell in 2007.

Jane G. wanted to contribute towards the charity and with her creative professional background, helps with event organisation and graphic promotion. With Jane Bell at the helm, drawing upon her vast personal experiences, and with the enthusiasm of all those around generating mental, physical and financial momentum, Jane is excited to see the Gutsy Gastro family grow and grow.

Jane thinks it is wonderful to be a part of the team raising awareness of children with life limiting illnesses to create a positive change.


Joanna Gregg

Joanna lives in Battersea with her husband Ed and two young children Isabella and Duncan. Isabella is a classmate of Albert Bell and they have been close since Reception. On occasion she and the children would bump into Albert with his ‘tubes’ and remarkable determination and Jane’s endless supply of positivity but it was the early years at school in which she realised how life changing and complex Albert’s health needs were.

Having worked in healthcare for over 20 years, particularly in Fetal Medicine, she has firsthand experience in dealing with families who have a child diagnosed with a congenital abnormality and the heart ache that goes with it.

Everybody wants normality for their children and that’s what inspires her to give her time to Gutsy Gastros.


Fiona Pollard

Fiona lives in Clapham with her husband Sachin and their twin 18 year old sons Rohan and Mihir. Until six months ago Fiona knew very little about how hospitals worked and even less about Gastric issues. It has been an educational few months and fascinating meeting the nursing staff, the parents and the children in the Gutsy Gastro world.

There is no doubt this is a very worthwhile cause.


Paula Reid

Paula lives down on the South Coast, enjoying the sea and all things sailing, but often commuting to London to work as a Leadership and Performance coach and speaker.

She has a ‘bucket list’ of things to do before she dies, and has already done 109 things including sailing around the world and skiing to the South Pole. She’s our own ‘Gutsy Girl’ and has raised a lot of funds and awareness with her adventures and talks.


Tiffany St James

Tiffany lives in Clapham and has seen first-hand how critical it is to have the right support and information to make informed healthcare decisions for care of your gutsy children by her friendship with Jane and the Bell family since 2009.

Tiffany runs a Digital Consultancy and supports Gutsy Gastro’s by digital communications advice, fundraising and awareness event support.